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Клод Франсуа. Дискография 78 год.
1. Bordeau rose (июнь 1978)

01. Bordeau rose

02. So near and yet so far (ecoute ma chanson)

03. Don't turn your back on love

04. Crying in his heart (avec la tete, avec le coeur)

05. Hello happiness

06. Go where the sun is brighter (viens a la maison)

07. Tears on the telephone (le telephone pleure)

08. Monday morning again (le lundi au soleil)

09. Stop stop stop

10. Love will call the tune (chanson populaire)

11. Without your love I can't live

12. My way (Comme d'habitude)

2. I'm leaving for the last time (июль 1978)

01. I'm leaving for the last time

02. Don't play that song again (la solitude c'est apres)